Welcome to our CPD overview.

All our courses are in seminar format and can be provided at your premises and last approximately 45mins and 1hour, including questions.

Currently our courses are CIBSE approved, certificates of attendance are issued upon completion. The content is relevant for anyone working with light and lighting in commercial and educational premises. 


Lighting controls

Lighting Controls: A time of unprecedented change and opportunity


As the lighting industry emerges from the other side of the LED revolution, it seems that from a lighting control perspective, we are entering another period of revolution in lighting, which as the world becomes connected, promises to be even bigger than the first with lighting perfectly positioned to become a key component of IoT.


This seminar traces the journey from basic switches to connected building eco-systems, looking into the technology, applications of data harvesting, maximising energy consumption and creating dynamic spaces with lighting quality taken to even new heights.

Learning Objectives


Explain the concepts of connectivity and interoperability and how lighting is likely to evolve to be a key part of the Internet if Things.

Show how lighting infrastructures are uniquely positioned to help gather the data which will help drive intelligent buildings.

Show the opportunities and challenges where controls can help drive building energy efficiency upwards.

Illustrate how controls can help improve lighting quality using references to research

Presence of Good

Workplace Lighting: The Presence of Good


As the dust is settling after a whirlwind period of technical change in the Lighting industry in terms of workplace lighting, not much appears to have changed. A wholesale change in technology, delivering essentially the same as we have always done. 

Encompassing energy, visual quality and empowerment, this presentation questions; Have we always lit workplaces well, and hence there was no need for change, or are we in danger of missing a once in a lifetime opportunity to put lighting quality centre stage.

Learning Objectives


The historical context of today’s lighting solutions.

The difference between LED and fluorescent when calculating the maintenance factor.

The impact of the maintenance factor on a design, from visual and energy perspective.

Different approaches to avoiding over-lit spaces.

Introducing layers of light to enhance the workplace.

The importance of light in aiding visual communication.

Lighting control and its importance in enabling people to control their own environment.

Sustainable outdoor lighting

Sustainable Outdoor Lighting


With a focus on creating a built environment that enhances people’s lives while protecting the planet, exterior lighting has an essential role to play.

Within this CIBSE accredited CPD seminar, we examine the three pillars of sustainability within the context of exterior lighting. We explore the technologies and techniques that balance visual comfort, energy conservation and preserving darkness and the night sky.

Learning Objectives


Examine the 3 pillars of sustainability.

Why exterior lighting matters.

Show technologies and techniques within the context of sustainable exterior lighting.

Illustrate ongoing changes in sustainability emphasis.

Discuss how outdoor lighting might minimise collateral impacts.