Stelo 75 Flex

A small recessed downlight in two colour temperatures. The tilting and rotatable Stelo Adjusted creates possibilities to place lighting wherever you wish without abandoning the symmetry of the ceiling.


Recessed mounting in suspended ceilings. Unventilated or ventilated ceilings. Stable assembly springs included. An assembly plate must be used when mounting on soft tile ceilings. The ballast box is separate for flexible installation. Do not cover with insulation. For detailed information, see the installation instructions.


Connection takes place in the separately supplied LED ballast. Luminaire housing supplied with interconnecting cable.


Heat sink in black-painted aluminium and visible aluminium edge ring in a white (RAL 9016) or black (RAL 9005) finish.


Optical lens with two different light distributions. The baffle comes in four colours: white, black, gold or copper.


The luminaire can be rotated 350° and tilted 25°. Luminaire body Class III. For loads in the suspended ceiling system, follow the selected suspended ceiling supplier’s recommendation. Can also be supplied in a trimless version. Honeycomb grids available as accessories.


Stelo 75

Stelo 75 is a high-quality, compact and recessed downlight for areas in need of a little ambience. This small but effective luminaire is ideal for lounges, lobbies or even relaxation areas. Our luminaires are designed to...

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Name Description
Name Description
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