Stelo 75

Stelo 75 is a high-quality, compact and recessed downlight for areas in need of a little ambience. This small but effective luminaire is ideal for lounges, lobbies or even relaxation areas.
Our luminaires are designed to effectively enhance your interior design. The standard version of Stelo 75 is round or square with a black or white frame. The baffle on the luminaire comes in elegant black and white, or in more modern gold or copper tones. There is also an IP54 version for wet areas, such as changing rooms, toilets, or relaxation areas in spas.
One of the best features of Stelo 75 is its simple installation. Despite the narrow diameter required for hole drilling – only 75 mm – it can powerfully enhance the various features of different areas. Light is distributed evenly without producing glare making it more comfortable for employees, customers and other users. Choose a fixed or flexible luminaire depending on your needs. The flexible version can be tilted 0-25°.
Its compact size notwithstanding, we have not compromised on quality. Stelo 75 is available with CRI 90 and supplied as either 2700 K or 3000 K, depending on the atmosphere you wish to create. The luminaire has DALI and can be controlled using Casambi. A simple plug-and-play system with various light settings which can be changed throughout the day for different parts of the premises. If staff are able to change light settings and the dynamics of the room themselves, it can change the experience and purchasing behaviour of customers as well as save energy.