Opalume is a range of weatherproof luminaires for streets and roads, combining high performance with excellent light comfort. The luminaire is available in conical and spherical designs, the carefully balanced proportions and surface finish creates a timeless look that blends easily into the urban environment.
With a smart and efficient suspension design, the luminaire's fastening facilitates easy wire suspension even at high heights. Opalume is also available in a complimentary post-mounted design, for a consistent styling in different application areas.
To help create a statement in public space, all variants are available with RGBW. Bring splashes of colour to pathways, avenues or larger urban areas during events or festivals.
Opalume is available with 12 different lenses, to meet all needs. Three of these lenses are specially designed for the wire suspended version, with a light distribution suitable for roadways. The advanced lens technology ensures comfortable light distribution across pavements or the road, improving visibility, safety and security.

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