Opalume is a range of weatherproof luminaires for streets and roads, combining high performance with excellent light comfort. Opalume is available in three shapes; spherical, conical and half ellipse. The carefully balanced proportions and surface finish creates a timeless look that blends easily into the urban environment.

The Opalume family can be installed in many different ways. Thanks to its smart and efficient suspension construction, the luminaire can be easily suspended from a cord. Opalume can also be installed on posts or wall-mounted, to complement the look and lighting of urban environments.

To the entire Opalume family there is the option of adding Zhaga sockets. A choice that opens new doors to adapt existing luminaires for future developments and technology. Luminaires with Nema sockets are available on request.

If you want Opalume to stand out in the public space, all variants are available with RGBW. For example, to bring colour to pathways, avenues or larger urban areas during events, festivals or other festivities.

Opalume is available with several different lenses, to be able to meet the needs of different road classes and installation methods. The advanced lens technology ensures comfortable light distribution across pavements and roads, improving visibility, safety and security.

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