High performance light solution


A high-performance luminaire

Opalume is a steadfast luminaire designed to tolerate harsh climates. Dependable, regardless of weather conditions. Reliable, regardless of the environment. A luminaire that, with its innovative yet simple design, contributes towards the creation of an optimal lighting solution that enhances its surroundings. Available in three shapes: conical, spherical and half ellipse.  


The luminaire of opportunities

Opalume is a versatile product family, able to surprise and amaze. Despite the external variations in shape, there's still ample room within for the same uncompromising technology. All members of the family ensure exact lighting while also providing plenty of opportunities and a sense of playfulness along the way. 

Do you wish to keep the same lighting solution from cable-suspended to pole, perhaps via a wall? Or do you want the environment to be more dynamic and mix different shapes? Opalume gives us the opportunity to challenge our creativity and enhance the experience in illuminated areas.  

Opalume Ovo

Open the door to the future 

No one can say for sure what the future will hold. But what we do know is that technological innovations come quickly and can rapidly update existing technologies. With Zhaga sockets, the opportunity is provided for opening new doors, and adapting existing luminaires for future developments. Adapt both the technology and luminaires in your projects with Fagerhult Configure.

Configuring Opalume


Which colour are you? What feeling do you want to convey? Why settle for one, when you can use them all?  Opalume offers a range of appearances, allowing you to set the scene at the touch of a button. It has never been so easy to make an impression. Contact us for more information. 

Innovative installation

To facilitate and ensure efficient and hassle-free installation, each step has been analysed and optimised. Every detail has a custom solution. The result is a time conscious, easy to position install, without needing to remove any screws.

Opalume lenses

High-performance optics

 Using carefully calibrated tools, three new symmetrical AGC lenses with high-performance LEDs have been created in Fagerhult’s lighting laboratory. Tailored specifically for the dynamics of suspended street lighting. Developed with human needs in focus, with full coverage for all scenarios whether in terms of height or area of application. Together, with the luminaire design, the lighting is optimised along the roadway and ensures visual comfort with minimal glare.





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