Opalume Catenary

Suspended luminaire with high performance and light comfort and CLO for an even output. Available in two different designs, conical and spherical, with the possibility of RGBW. Its specifically optimised light pattern with AGC lenses have been developed for road lighting. Its innovative and smart suspension design ensures efficient installation.


Luminaire for wire installation, Ø 6-12 mm. The luminaire can be angled ±25°, in instances where the wire is not suspended horizontally over the roadway, and rotated ±130°, where the wire is not suspended perpendicular to the roadway.


Supplied without connecting cable but with prevision for a cable with an external diameter up to Ø 14 mm. Through-wiring possible. Luminaires can be supplied with a cable upon request.


Diffuser of opal acrylic or spun aluminium in standard colors. Any color on request. Wire fastening in stainless steel. Heatsink and the rest of the wire mount are made of die-cast aluminium. Hardened flat glass. Fastener of A4 quality with zinc coating.


Specially developed L-lenses for installation in the middle of the road. The luminaire is also available with a rotationally symmetrical E-lens and other AGC (Advanced Glare Control) lenses if necessary.


DALI variant, night-time dimming and Airglow RGBW control can all be added in Fagerhult Configure.
Citygrid for luminaires with Zhaga base. For Citygrid Zhaga products, see accessories.
Quick start guide for Airglow; see document below.
Can be supplied pre-configured for Philips CityTouch control system on request.


Driver with integrated surge protection, CM 8kV, DM 6kV. Extra surge protection of 10 kV on request.


Available in class I and II.

Zhaga or NEMA socket on request.

CLO (Constant Light Output) maintains the correct light from the luminaire for the duration of its rated life.


Opalume – Installation


Opalume is a range of weatherproof luminaires for streets and roads, combining high performance with excellent light comfort. Opalume is available in three shapes; spherical, conical and half ellipse. The carefully balanced...

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Customise with Fagerhult Configure

Adapt and optimise the luminaire in Fagerhult’s configurator. You can easily select the CRI, colour temperature, optics, luminous flux, controls, various connection options, and more. All your selections are saved to a product data sheet which you can download along with unique light data files.

  • Adapt and optimise the luminaire
  • Download unique data sheet and light data files
  • To order, contact your sales representative
Start configuration




Name Description
Name Description
Citygrid dongle Citygrid Dongle is the commissioning tool that in combination with the Citygrid Configuration app, enables the configuration of a Citygrid installation. 86490
Citygrid Zhaga with sensor Citygrid Zhaga with sensor is an all-in-one device that instantly provides a luminaire with smart and motion-controlled operation. 86491
Citygrid On Pole The Citygrid On Pole unit enables all luminaires to be integrated into a Citygrid network. The unit is mounted on a pole and connects to the luminaire via cabling behind the pole cover plate. 86492
Citygrid sensor DALI Zhaga 40 The Citygrid Dali sensor integrates seamlessly with outdoor luminaires, enabling true adaptive lighting control, in combination with the Citygrid Zhaga Controller. 86494
Citygrid Gateway Citygrid Gateway is the bridge between the luminaire's Citygrid controllers and the cloud, which enables data to be displayed on the Citygrid Dashboard. Comes with the Citygrid Gateway Cabinet Kit with 2-wire 1.5 m cable for mounting in electrical cabinets. 86495
Citygrid Zhaga Controller The Citygrid Zhaga Controller is the intelligent device that transforms a luminaire into a smart luminaire. 86505