Notor recessed LED Asymmetric

A recessed luminaire for all types of suspended ceilings. Asymmetric light distribution. Single or continuous installation. Can be combined with Opal flush.


Recessed installation in suspended ceilings. Unventilated or ventilated ceilings. For installation in suspended ceilings with visible T-bars, VTB (15 or 24 mm) or fixed suspended ceilings. Accessories are available for installation in concealed ceiling grids (HB) with symmetrically positioned panels. For continuous installation with combinations of asymmetric/Control Track Unit and Delta/Opal flush, see documents below.


Connection in the junction box on top of the luminaire. Wieland Chassis connector 3-way (GST 18i3), with dimming 5-way (GST 18i5). With continuous installation, the luminaire rows must always begin with a start luminaire and the luminaire units are connected to the splice conductor in the junction box.


Luminaire body in natural anodised finish, extruded aluminium (RAL 9016). With continuous installation an unbroken line of light is achieved, even for the L-coupling.


The light opening is protected by slightly frosted opal acryl (PMMA).


Metallised aluminium with excellent reflection characteristics (>92 %). Asymmetric light distribution for lighting vertical surfaces.


End caps are ordered separately.


Accessories and cables; see accessories.

To calculate how many luminaires and accessories you will need to complete a run, please use our configurator.

NOTE: Do not combine Low Lumen (LL), Medium Lumen (ML) and High Lumen (HL) luminaires in a continuous installation. For continuous installation see instructions, installation instructions.

Notor recessed

Fagerhult’s classic interior luminaire Notor is available in several versions for suspended, surface mounted or recessed installation. Notor is an obvious choice in contexts when there is a desire to create long, unbroken lines...

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Name Description
Name Description
Dummy sectionDummy section 600 mm, Opal flush, Delta, Beta Opti – white91127
Dummy sectionDummy section 600 mm, Opal flush, Delta, Beta Opti – anodised91125
Carrier railCarrier rail/pair. L=600 mm.91148
End-capEnd cap/pair, Flat alu-zinc for 600 mm body in VTB ceiling91043
no-image placeholder End-capEnd-cap/pair, Delta, Beta Opti, Opal flush, White91128
End-capEnd-cap/pair, Delta, Lamell, Beta, Opal flush, Anodised91053
Wire50.0 m wire91496
ScrewsScrews 500 pcs B8x6,5. (10 pcs/m needed).91142
Luminaire railNotor rail L=1800/each, excl. screws91141
Luminaire railNotor rail L=1120 mm/pair, incl. screws91144
Luminaire railNotor rail 520 mm/pair, incl. screws91145
Suspension bracket, EcophonSuspension bracket/pair, Ecophon excl. friction lock91149
Suspension bracket, RockfonSuspension bracket/pair, Rockfon, with friction lock.91146
Suspension bracketSuspension bracket/pair91147
Wieland connection cables, 3-wayLength 1.0 m with female and male connectors, 3x1,5 mm²91791
Wieland connection cables, 3-wayLength 3.0 m with female and male connectors, 3x1,5 mm²91793
Wieland connection cables, 3-wayLength 2.5 m with female and male connectors, 3x1,5 mm²91074
Wieland connection cables, 3-wayLength 2.0 m with female and male connectors, 3x1,5 mm²91792
Wieland connection cables, 5-wayLength 3.0 m with female and male connectors, 5x1,5 mm²91031
Wieland connection cables, 5-wayLength 2.5 m with female and male connectors, 5x1,5 mm²91077
Wieland connection cables, 5-wayLength 2.0 m with female and male connectors, 5x1,5 mm²91076
Mains cableMains cable, L=2.0 m, female with earthed plug91790
Mains cableMains cable, female, length 2.0 m91022
Mains cableMains cable, L=2.0 m, female excl. plug91789
Wieland connection cables, 5-wayLength 1.0 m with female and male connectors, 5x1,5 mm²91030
Mounting bracketMounting bracket/pair91045
Connect space bar bracket, EcophoneBracket for Ecophone Connect space bar, 10 pcs91963