Multilume Hydro LED

Multilume Hydro LED is a new generation of energy-efficient luminaires for demanding environments. By combining a slender, tempered glass cover with a microprismatic Delta louvre, we have created an aesthetically pleasing luminaire with a unique expression.

The design is dust and damp proof according to IP 65 below suspended ceilings, or IP 50 above suspended ceilings. The tempered glass cover is easy to clean and withstands disinfecting cleaning products.

Multilume Hydro LED is available in two models with two different colour temperatures and colour rendering: 3000 K and 4000 K/Ra 80 as well as 4000 K/Ra 90. The model with Ra 80 is ideal for use in restaurant kitchens and other rooms with high hygiene requirements. The model with Ra 90 has a colour rendering that has been optimised for human skin, which means that the luminaire is especially suitable for hospitals, clinics and laboratories. The luminaires are extremely energy efficient with retained light comfort. All luminaire models fulfil the standard of 3,000 cd/m2 required for monitor work.

The recessed model is available in three sizes and can also be supplemented with a surface-mounted luminaire for environments that lack a suspended ceiling. An innovative installation solution allows for a quick and safe installation job.

Multilume Hydro LED is available with Tunable White (2700–6500 K). Tunable White versions is also available with Amber in sizes 600x600 and 300x600.

Multilume Hydro Robust LED confirms to IK 10 and is equipped with a PETG plastic protective glass and tamper-proof torxs. Multilume Hydro Robust LED is available in the same designs and sizes as the standard luminaires in 3000 and 4000 K or Tunable White (2700-6500 K). The Tunable White version is also available with Amber Nightlight in the sizes 600x600 and 300x600. All versions with Ra 80.