e-Sense Active (previously ActiLume)

e-Sense Active is a simple control system where the sensor has three different functions: presence control, daylight control and IR receiver for programming. The luminaires are fitted with integrated control and are easy to install.

How e-Sense Active works

e-Sense Active in individual offices

The luminaire has a multisensor which detects movement in the room, measures the incidence of daylight and adjusts the output accordingly. The light can be adjusted to the desired level using a non-locking switch, pull cord switch or remote control. The combination of presence detector, light sensor and adjustable ballasts gives a range of choices.

e-Sense Active works in large offices

The system is easy to programme via remote control, and can can be set to provide constant basic lighting at 1, 10, 30 or 50 per cent during absence from areas of the workplace. Centralised switching off of lights after working hours mean further energy savings. For height-adjustable tables, e-Sense Active automatically adjusts the lighting level based on the position of the table.


Presence control

Absence control

Daylight control

Absence detection
with switch-off

Manual control

Remote control



Individual offices

Open-plan offices

Conference rooms


On delivery, the system is configured for use in individual offices. Settings for desired light levels are made with remote control, pull dim or external pushbutton. The luminaires automatically switch on when presence is detected. All parameters can be programmed with programming remote control 86414.


Master luminaire



DALI ballasts

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