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Medical supply units

Project-specific customisation for world-class healthcare

Medical supply units play a central role in ensuring smooth workflows and patient safety. All wards and clinics have their own specific needs, and we always tailor our solutions to match any preferences.

Our units keep everything you need on hand. They supply medical gases, offer secure connections to power and data networks, and provide a robust yet flexible platform for medical devices and accessories.  

Made in Sweden since 1968

With over 50 years of experience in medical supply systems, and thousands of units installed throughout the world, we continue to develop and produce high-quality products.  

Our medical supply units

Our supply units, also known as hospital ward panels, are classed as medical devices by Sweden's Medical Products Agency. Their task is to provide the patient and/or equipment with, for instance, electricity, a network connection or medical gases. Accordingly, these units need to be easily accessed within the room while not being in the way of work. This is why they are available in different designs – for mounting on walls, ceilings and monitor arms – and for different nursing tasks and wards.


Wall mounted

Everything is tailored to the nursing task at hand – from general care to ICUs and recovery wards. The modular systems consist of lower panels, intermediate ducts and top panels that are combined and equipped with an optional number of sockets for electricity, telecoms, signal and data communication as well as gas outlets. 

Ceiling mounted

Our ceiling-mounted supply units come in a wide range of configurations for providing access to advanced equipment. The freed-up space makes it easier to work around the patient from all angles, which is essential in intensive care units, for example.

Monitor arms

Monitor arms make it easier to systematise and create an overview. The monitor can be quickly set to the right angle and then moved out of the way again.

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