It is important that lighting in playgrounds does not dazzle either those playing or those standing nearby.

To bear in mind

  • Supplement post-mounted lighting by illuminating the surrounding vegetation to enhance the sense of security.  
  • All children have different needs. The playground must be suitable for children of all ages, even those with disabilities. 
  • Children also need to play when it is dark. Remember to illuminate the playground in the evenings and during the darker period of the year.


Azur Post LED

A post top luminaire with a minimalist and contemporary yet robust design, Azur post can be optimised with a range of different control options for a tailored, energy efficient output.

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An omnidirectional post top luminaire in a classic design producing safe and secure ambiences in park and close-to-the-building environments. CLO for output consistency as standard.

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On Ground LED

An ultra-robust ground floodlight that sits above the ground, avoiding many of the traditional operational issues of ground floodlights and creating beautiful exteriors even in demanding environments.

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With a choice of three beam angles PoleLITE creates both a sense of security and beautiful surroundings. Easily adjustable, single or multiple fittings can be added to new or existing posts.

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