Human centric lighting in practice

  • Year: 2022
  • Collaborators: Projektengagemang, Spectra Consult, Caverion
  • Location: Skövde
  • Architect: Samren Månson
  • Photo: Joel Dittmer

When mind and body might be unbalanced, it is a good thing we can get help to find steadiness again. At the newly built psychiatric ward at Skaraborgs Hospital (Skövde) Fagerhult has installed a human-centric lighting (HCL) system, that tunes brightness and colour temperatures to a pattern conducive with daytime stimulation and nighttime rest.

The biological impact of light on our body is undeniably large, and we have used our expertise knowledge about this to find a solution that will work beneficial for the users – patients and staff. The goal with the installation is to have a calming effect, with a human centric lighting system. All of the luminaires delivered are equipped with adapted light levels, to give the best possible environment.

Prior to the installation and lighting design, Fagerhult had the opportunity to facilitate workshops with the client Västfastigheter, where the importance of right light levels for health and care units were discussed. Thanks to this, we were able to deliver a solution that is thoroughly thought-through and will hopefully make a great difference for the people working and staying there.

This is a very special environment, where unforeseen events sometimes take place. We therefore needed to specially project-adapt the luminaires so that they would stand this sometimes robust environment.


Markus Wållgren

Regionchef Team Öst och Norr

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