Modern healthcare in modern light

  • Year: 2020
  • Collaborators: Midroc Electro AB
  • Location: Jönköping
  • Photo: Patrik Svedberg

Ryhov County Hospital is the largest hospital in Jönköping and Jönköping county. Responsible for all inhabitants in the county, and with 3 500 employees, it is a vital factor in the region. During 2020 they expanded their operations with two more units, D1 and D2. 

In order to meet the modern care's requirements for equipment and hygienic design as well as the aesthetic interior, we chose to offer our bed head unit Aluflex 15. With the smooth front and hidden sockets on the sides, it fell directly into the users' wishes.

Thanks to the choice of appearance on the front panel, we could easily match other interior details in the rooms. For example, doors and window sills.
Fagerhult was chosen as the supplier due to our long experience and technical know-how in healthcare. We started the project in 2017 and spent many hours with the consultants before the execution nailed down.

In addition to the 115 Aluflex 15 bed head units, Fagerhult also delivered 45 Dialysis Column. The Dialysis Columns are connected to the dialysis machines, serving the patient.

Apart from the patient rooms, the project also included a modern and comfortable lighting solution for the corridors and stairwells. 


"Fagerhult has been a perfect partner during both the design and production phase of the project. The products are of a high quality which means that both customers and contractors are satisfied with the end result."

Gert-Inge Andersson, Midroc Electro AB


Joakim Norin

Connectivity adviser

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Anders Wilderoth

Säljare Indoor

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