Lepo LED

A suspended decorative luminaire with high energy efficiency and good light treatment. Different sizes make it possible to compose visually exciting luminaire groups. White textile cord.


Two-point suspension c/c 55–78 mm in ceiling cups for single installation. Luminaire 1 in an installation for series installation is installed using wire loops in the ceiling. Luminaires 2–5 in an installation are installed using wire loops in subsequent luminaire’s undersides. Ceiling cups for luminaires for series installation are not included, must be ordered separately. Ceiling cups are installed next to wire loops.


Snap-in terminal block 5 x 1.5 mm2, through-wiring is possible. Luminaire for continuous installation has strain relief and snap-in block at the bottom.


Luminaire shades made of matt opal acrylic, screen holder made of silver-coated steel. Supplied with white fabric cord and white high gloss ceiling cup made of steel. Luminaires for series installation are supplied with separate wire and wire lock.

Pendant Length:
Luminaire 680 mm = 2,1 m Luminaire 980/1280 mm = 3,8 m.


DALI/phase-pulse control as standard.

Designed by

Sabina Grubbe.


A cut-out in the ceiling cup is made using cutters 94248 for a surface mounted mains cable.


Continuous installation.

Continuous installation.

Steel ceiling cup attached using magnets; avoiding visible screws.

Steel ceiling cup attached using magnets; avoiding visible screws.


Lepo is an interior design luminaire which offers a combination of energy efficiency and balanced illuminance. By combining the three different sizes it’s possible to create eye catching luminaire clusters.

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Name Description Art.no.
Name Description Art.no.
Cutters Cutters, each 94248
Ceiling cup Lepo LED Ceiling cup for continuous installation 91157