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Traditionally offices are designed for two key functions; independent work at a desk or meetings in specially designed spaces. At Prenad Landskrona (Sweden), all staff work in singel offices. The individual office could still have more than one function, and for that you must be able to adapt your lighting.


Prenad started as an electrical engineering company in Malmö in 1975.
2016, Prenad has approximately 600 employees in 14 locations in Sweden. 
Regardless of how much Prenad has grown, the local foundation has always been important for the company. With offices spread geographically, it is the local knowledge and adaptation for close and long-term relations between Prenad's staff and customers that seals the deal.

Prenad, which is part of the Bravida Group, was in great need of new premises in the Landskrona office. After several acquisitions, they needed larger and more modern premises. Fagerhult was commissioned to submit proposals for solutions for the entire facility.


All staff are in single offices. Therefore, we worked with indirect light to create a "heaven indoors". In order to break the corridors, we have chosen to deviate from the lines with Notor to bring life to the premises.

The cell office is lit with pendent Itza, which with its light distribution provides a good working light combined with ambient light from the ceiling and walls.

In communication areas and open spaces, we used decorative lighting as Sweep and Scoot to give an accent in the interior design. The colorful luminaires help us create a playful tone in the otherwise stylish and clean office space.

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