Attractive urban spaces

  • Year: 2020
  • Location: Oskarshamn
  • Photo: Patrik Svedberg

Oskarshamn is a coastal town in southeast Sweden, with an outspoken ambition to invest in attractive urban spaces. "Good and character-creating lighting" is one of several key words in that work.

During 2020-2021, Köpmangatan in the central city will be rebuilt into a pedestrian street. The work takes place together with property owners along the street and in the project group it was clear early on that they wanted to replace the existing lighting system.

The goal was to create a new type of street lighting that did not exist in the city before, a lighting that would not pass by unnoticed. Therefore, the choice fell on Opalume, with its ability to shift colors and its various shapes. The luminaires were placed as asymmetrical as possible across the street, without compromising with a good light image on the ground. This meant many luminaires, almost 30, along the approximately 130 m long street. Furthermore, the spotlight PoleLITE was added to highlight and emphasise the dramatic mural painting. 


"We are happy with the result, and the possibility to vary the look of the lighting system after the holidays or what we think is nice for the moment."

Erik Hjertkvist, Oskarshamn municipality