Simple control of the working environment

  • Year: 2021
  • Collaborators: Great Portland Estates plc, DSDHA architects
  • Location: London
  • Photo: Zishan Kahn

Designed by DSDHA architects and delivered by Great Portland Estates plc, The Hickman is a seven storey, 78,000 sq ft, dynamic workspace located in the heart of Whitechapel. Fagerhult worked closely with Great Portland Estates to create a lighting scheme complementing the smart building concept and offering users control over their working environment.

The Hickman is designed to make life easy for all those who work there, with technology embedded throughout the building and a raft of technical features that facilitate simple control of each office floor, allowing users to manage their working environment. The smart workplace app, sesameTM, developed by D2Interactive allows workers to take control, providing access to services and amenities.

Fagerhult’s lighting concept, including the Organic Response system is fully integrated with the Smart Space platform at both cloud level using an API (Application Programming Interface) and locally using a mobile SDK (Software Development Kit). The cloud API allows access to building-wide information such as real-time or historical occupancy data collected from the dense network of sensor nodes. Data collected can then be used by the Smart Spaces platform to optimise energy usage of building services and provide occupiers with insights into their space utilisations. 

The mobile SDK enables users of the sesameTM app to take local control of individual or groups of luminaires. By connecting directly to the sensor nodes using Bluetooth the luminaries move seamlessly and with minimal delay as users select their preferred lighting level. Moreover, the Organic Response system is ideal for occupiers who may want to reconfigure their working spaces and for landlords who want to offer flexible spaces. 

Allowing landlords and occupiers control over their workspace environment, the app also works as a facilities management tool enabling users to track faults, manage spaces remotely and provide a digital network for people to communicate. Moreover, data gathered through the app provides an added value for occupiers who are able to review how they work and behavioural patterns, and to use the data to inform future plans for co-working spaces. 

“I am extremely pleased with the results achieved by the project. Working closely with the architect and the engineers as well as the client allowed us to come up with a solution tailored to this unique space which exceeded our expectations. Team effort paid off and contributed to delivering a project that pushes the boundaries of lighting technology and controls.”

Charles Toomey, Sales Director, Fagerhult UK

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