Putting the silver lining on a golden scene

  • Year: 2020
  • Collaborators: Light Bureau
  • Location: Stockholm
  • Photo: Jansin & Hammarling

A central traffic hub in Stockholm, known as Slussen (the Sluice gate), is currently undergoing a major renovation and update. Wear, flood risk and the fact that Stockholm is growing are some of the reasons why Slussen is rebuilt for the first time in almost a century. The renovation takes place during the period 2016-2025.

Placed in the epicentre of the scene is a new steel bridge, painted with a golden hue. This is to harmonize with the golden yellow shades of the houses in the Old Town, and the glitter of the water. To tie this extraordinary scene together, Light Bureau turned to Fagerhult for a luminaire suggestion – and found our Opalume family.

The luminaires are installed in two heights, with different light distribution, to light up both the road and the walk/cycle path. The spheric Opalume, with uplight, is mounted in crowns on five – on a 15 meter post. The luminaires are designed with a silver lining, a decorative circle to complete the aesthetical impression. The posts are future proof and delivered with Zhaga sockets, enabling coming updates and installations.

Fagerhult Sweden are proud and humbled of being a part of making this already famous landmark an even more memorable experience.

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Frida Almqvist

VD & Försäljningschef Stockholm

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