Enhance the learning environment

  • Year: 2019
  • Location: Helsingborg
  • Design: Elteknik i Helsingborg
  • Architect: Arkitektlaget
  • Photo: Joel Dittmer

From preschools to universities, lighting is an efficient tool for enhancing and enabling the right atmosphere for creativity and learning. The indoor spaces need to be environments where students can concentrate and focus on their educational tasks.

Educational establishments fulfill a unique role in society; as places of learning, belonging, and democracy. This places high demands on the premises. 

Helsingborg is a growing city in a growing region. The Municipality of Helsingborg wants to offer attractive premises for the municipal schools. The property management in Helsingborg is the administration that is responsible for the premises. The client have a high knowledge regarding the importance of light in schools. This means that Fagerhult has been given the task of meeting the needs of the students and teachers work environment in the best way. Pendant lighting in group rooms and classrooms is a requirement.

We installed pendant lighting in the rooms belonging to the learning environment. In other spaces, general lighting has been adapted in a more playful way to contribute to an increased well-being.