Lighting control from a human perspective

  • Year: 2018
  • Location: Bodegraven

The city hall of Bodegraven was being renovated and the main goal was to do this in a sustainable way while maintaining the current ceiling. LED lighting with the addition of lighting controls was an important part of it. The installation of all 400 Organic Response luminaires was realized in only one weekend and the result was smart LED lighting!

As the building was already existing and filled with old luminaires, the need was high to keep the costs low and as smart as possible. The consultant company DWA, compared different lighting control systems, but all solutions had the same disadvantage of higher installations costs for the additional wiring. When Fagerhult explained the advantages and possibilities of Organic Response, the choice was quickly made. Three different areas needed three different solutions:

The Offices: As the luminaires needed to fit into the existing modular ceilings, Fagerhult choose for the offices for the Recesso bandraster which was custom made for this project (with the Organic Response sensor integrated).

The Traffic Areas: For the traffic areas, the Pleiad Evo controlled by Organic Response.

Stairwells: Lighting control in stairwells offer huge potential for reducing energy consumption in a building without additional wiring. Discovery Evo* with e-Sense Move** was the perfect solution for the stairs.

*Obsolete product, replaced by Discovery.
**Obsolete system, replaced by e-Sense Flex.