School grounds

The learning environment outdoors

The school's learning environments also continue outside the classroom. Outdoors, we have an equally important part of the school's environments, the opportunity for relaxation and recovery in the school yard.

Schoolyards are often larger demarcated areas, and to provide safety and security, well-designed lighting is needed. To create a space in this open area, we recommend good ambient lighting, interspersed with lower bollards – which facilitate orientation adjacent to walkways and circulation corridors. Use the facades to soften the transition between outside and inside; wall and ceiling luminaires provide a comfortable vertical light and conjure away the experience of darkness as a compact wall.


Remember that the lighting must not produce glare as schoolyards are used during the darker months of the year. It is also important to have an inclusive perspective when planning, both for different age groups and possible functional variations. Strive to minimize the portion of indirect light to avoid light pollution while, at the same time, creating an effective lighting solution. Last but not least, the luminaires should be robust – so they can handle both tough games, impact from ball games and harsh weather extremes.

Lighting control for schoolyards

For outdoor environments, we recommend Citygrid Linked, a wireless lighting control system. The solution links each unit and regulates brightness. This saves energy and creates an increased sense of security in the schoolyard. Available as an integrated alternative from Fagerhult luminaires or an "on-pole" unit if preferred.


Product propsal

Light control proposal

Citygrid is a wireless and scalable lighting control system developed for different types of outdoor environments.