Checklist when the luminaire does not ignite or work correctly

Checklist of actions when the luminaire does not ignite or work correctly.

What should be done if… 

1. The luminaire does not ignite?

  • Is the luminaire installed and connected in accordance with the installation instructions?
  • Is the correct driver connected to the luminaire?
  • Has the luminaire been connected to the driver before connecting the mains voltage?
  • Check the supply voltage in the luminaire's terminal block.
  • Is + and - connected correctly between luminaire and driver?
  • Switch off the power and turn it on again!

2. The earth-fault breaker or fuse trips when the lighting is igniting?

  • There could be an earth fault or short circuit in the luminaire group.
  • Too many luminaires in the same circuit, please refer to the product sheet.
  • A measurement instrument connected incorrectly to the power circuit can trip an earth-fault breaker.

3. The fluorescent lamp’s cathode glows, but the lamp doesn’t ignite?

  • Mains voltage too low. Measure the voltage on the luminaire.
  • The starter in a luminaire with a conventional ballast could be defective.
  • There is a fluorescent lamp in the luminaire with the wrong output/type or wrong HF-ballast.

4. There is a problem with the dimming system?

  • Always check before connecting that the luminaires are intended for the control unit used.