Libraries and reading rooms

The classic school library has been modernized due to digitization, but it still holds the various classic functions. Here students have the opportunity to study, group work or information search.

Libraries and reading rooms

Focus in peace and quiet

The orientation of the premises is important, so that visitors can find the right information on the shelves. Plan with direct light down towards the floor, combined with pleasant ambient lighting against the walls and ceiling. Separate shelf lighting with vertical light makes it easy to search among the titles. Complement the ambient light with vertical lighting of the shelves, 200-300 lx. 

Over reading/study areas, goodlighting with at least 500 lx, preferably with direct/indirect lighting, is recommended to minimize the risk of glare. Displays must also be considered and how they reflect light, so that there is no disturbing glare on the screens. 

A general tip is that the environment should convey calm and have a welcoming atmosphere. Being able combine artificial light and daylight provides a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for both reading and working. Control is always an advantage, to save energy and to adapt different parts of the premises for different purposes. Here we can join in creating a solution that is just right for the situation. 

Standard for libraries

The European standard SS-EN 12464-1:2011 sets out lighting requirements for libraries and reading rooms. Fagerhult's solutions are always configured to meet the requirements of the applicable standards. 

Lighting control for libraries and reading rooms

Our recommendation for libraries and reading rooms is the lighting control system Organic Response. Each luminaire has a sensor that detects presence and absence, and communicates wirelessly with other luminaires. Our sensors detect heat in motion, which means that even if students are sitting still, the system detects their presence in the room. In addition, with a sensor in each luminaire, the entire room is covered and a safe environment is created.

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