Fagerhult’s emLED concept builds on a high intensity LED which is only used for emergency lighting. The LED almost never wears out since it is only used in emergency mode and when the test sequences are run.

The concept increases personal safety considerably by almost eliminating the risk of the emergency light failing to work. In a traditional solution, where the same light source is used in normal operation and emergency mode, there is a risk that the light source may have burned out or ceased to operate when a crisis situation arises.

emLED exists as a stand-alone unit in several different designs. emLED-s5 and -sc – where the same unit is used for both surface mounted and recessed installation. emLED-μ is a unit for recessed installation where the ballast and batteries are concealed above the ceiling and only the LED visible. During a power failure the emLED-s5 and -μ are operated by integrated batteries and emLED-sc is operated by a centrally connected emergency lighting system.