emLED-µ is a discrete 3-hour emergency lighting luminaire with self-test function, for recessed installation with battery and ballast located about the ceiling. Monitoring via DALI.


Luminaire for recessed mounting in suspended ceilings. Also for ventilated areas. Hole diameter 42–44 mm. For ceiling thicknesses from 15 up to 35 mm. When the suspended ceiling is 15 mm thick, a minimum of 160 mm free space above the suspended ceiling is required.


Terminal block 4x2.5 mm² for connecting a fixed phase, neutral and possible control and monitoring system. Through-wiring is not possible.


Lamp housing of aluminium that additionally acts as a heat conductor. Reflector and ballast housing of plastic. Stainless steel spring clips for recessed installation. NiMH-batteries and dual-coloured status LED. Articulated function also permits installation in confined areas where the distance between the suspended ceiling and the one piece ceiling is limited. The whole ballast and battery pack can be installed and removed through the hole made in the ceiling for the lamp housing. Equipped with self-test as standard (Autotest IV) equivalent to standard EN 62034 with the possibility of external supervision via DALI.

Light distribution

White high-efficiency LED, round beam. Lighting data available via the Fagerhult website or DIALux.


Decentralised emergency light function, 3 hours operation in emergency lighting mode. 230 V AC, protection class II, IP 30.


Fagerhult’s emLED concept builds on a high intensity LED which is only used for emergency lighting. The LED almost never wears out since it is only used in emergency mode and when the test sequences are run.

The concept...

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