DTI, Direct to Indirect, is Fagerhult’s universal solution for versatile lighting planning. A classic that covers the need for work and general lighting in the most varying environments. Direct light makes it easier to see and work. Indirect light defines the room, provides positive energy and makes us feel good.

The new generation, DTI LED, has been developed for optimal lighting comfort and energy efficiency. DTI LED is equipped with Fagerhult’s innovative louvre Beta Opti. A louvre with superior lighting control which directs the flow out of the luminaire with high precision. The result is a high power luminaire with a very attractive pay off time.

DTI LED is a complete luminaire family that provides freedom in full-scale lighting projects for offices, schools and other work environments. Choose from “Type 1” ceiling luminaire with only direct light and “Type 2” pendent luminaire with direct and indirect light. The luminaire has very good anti-glare properties and the module with direct/indirect light gives the user the option to control their lighting environment themselves. A range of different lumen packages makes it possible to customise the lighting for different circumstances.