Fagerhult has now made it even easier for you to make a sustainable choice for your lighting solution. In our updated luminaire Discovery (replacing the previous Discovery EVO), the plastic is based on renewable raw materials instead of fossil oil. In addition, we have added light control options with Organic Response that further reduce energy consumption and thus CO2 impact as well.

Simplicity is a common thread in Discovery's identity. It is an effective all-round luminaire, for ceiling or wall mounting, and is easy to install right where you need it. The stylish ceiling luminaire with a classically arched cup works equally well in stairwells, basements, bathrooms, kitchens or storage rooms – both in homes and public environments. The circular shape provides an omnidirectional beam, harmonious and pleasant both indoors and outdoors.

One of the things that makes the Discovery so versatile is that it can be surface mounted, recessed into a ceiling or mounted on a wall. If you add one of the luminaire's accessories, it is also compliant with IK10 and IP55, therefore meeting the requirements for outdoor environments.

Installation of the luminaire is also simple. The innovative mounting solution with springs for the recessed variant makes installation of the luminaire both safe and easy.

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