Wooden post


Straight cylindrical post for mounting on foundations. The diameter is the same from the base to the top of the post.


Made from PEFC certified sawn timber. The planks, which are called cross blades, are cut along the grain and glued together at the desired size. Gluing is performed with the heartwood facing away from the beam to prevent cracks forming when the wood dries and shrinks. Slowly growing coniferous species from Taiga provide dense wooden fibres, which makes the material tight and sustainable. Glulam is manufactured according to the Eurocode 5 in strength class GL28h. The poles are brushed in order to create a structure in the surface.
The posts are equipped with hot-dip galvanised and powder coated steel parts at the bottom of the post to prevent defects that could otherwise arise when wood is in direct contact with the ground.
The top of the post is hot-dip galvanised and powder coated.
Post with post cover in the steel part is equipped with welded guide rail with 2x M6 sliding nuts and one M8 earthing screw. The cover is equipped with a triangular steering lock.
Post with post cover in the wooden part has a bonding plate located on the lower part of the steel bottom. The cover is equipped with 2 x torx screws (M6x16).

Standard colour

The wooden part in the colour “Lumi”. The steel part in anthracite grey. Other colours are available on request.


The colour of the wooden surface will darken slightly over time. The wooden surface requires maintenance, for more information, see the Maintenance manual.