Corten steel post


Cylindrical straight post for mounting in 133/700 foundation or with base plate for bolting in stone/concrete. The diameter is the same from the base to the top of the post.


Post in corten steel, a weathering steel that contains copper and zinc which together with the iron in the post create an alloy with the characteristic patina of a rust red surface with very long sustainability. The steel needs to be exposed to the weather and wind for a few months before full patina and “rust resistance” is achieved. Recessed post cover with bracket for earth stud and post insert. Supplied with 4 x Torx PIM screws MKTS M6x14 A2 waxed. Cover width=85 mm, cover height 400 mm.Post top Ø 60, 3 mm L=70 mm.

Standard colour

Corten steel , “Rust red”.


CE-marked and calculated according to SS-EN40-3-3.After a while of outdoor exposure, an even and dense oxide layer is formed (patina) on the steel surface. Because the patination process produces rust water, it is important to consider the material around the post as certain materials may become discoloured. The layer has good adhesion and stops moisture from penetrating and causing further corrosion. The steel is resistant to high temperatures and does not change in size as much as normal steel during temperature changes.