Aluflex Medica

Aluflex Medica is a versatile wall luminaire primarily developed for healthcare facilities but also different types of homes designed for the elderly. A clean, timeless design contributes to a calm, harmonious care environment and the flat surfaces make cleaning easy from a hygiene perspective.
Aluflex Medica is available in different versions to meet varying lighting needs from both patients and staff. The luminaire is available in several different variants, from solutions with only indirect lighting to versions with indirect general light and direct light for reading and examination. The asymmetrical light distribution ensures that the light shines where it should for the task at hand.
Aluflex Medica is available in 3,000 or 4,000 K, Tunable White or Tunable White with Amber. Different lighting scenes, including Tunable White and Amber, are controlled using DALI, which is standard.
Aluflex Medica is a simple and effective way of ensuring health-promoting dynamic light with Tunable White in healthcare environments without the need for more advanced set-ups. Amber light, with a wavelength of 610 nm, is used at night because it does not affect the production of the sleep hormone melatonin.
The circadian rhythm of hospital patients and those living in homes designed for the elderly is often out of step since they do not get enough daylight. A dynamic light with Tunable White and amber at night is a useful support tool for helping them.