Aluflex Dialysis

Due to its constant recurrence, blood dialysis is a laborious process for patients. The design of Alu- flex dialysis system focuses on the comfort or the patient while simplifying the treatment, fading the technology into the background for a more pleasant care environment. The vertical installation is completely free from the walls and the dialysis columns can be placed anywhere in the room. In between window, or back to back this flexibility enable’s the staff to work freely over the surfaces. Space in the dialysis column has been provided for wiring and electrical outlet sockets, pipes and connection to medical gases, while the vertical connection has also enabled the integration of pipes and taps for dialysis water and drainage.


All electrical and gas outlets are internally connected. Electrical cables are routed to terminal blocks at the connection end and gas pipes are routed approx. 300 mm outside the connection end.


The dialysis column is available in two basic versions: Aluflex 13-P/C-F and Aluflex 13-CC-F. The column consists of double profile assemblies mounted to each other back to back with a brace in between. The P/C and C ducts are used for the electrical installation, the 13 profile for gas pipes and the space between the profiles is used for gas outlets and a sink with taps for purified water.

Electrical socket outlets

The dialysis column can be equipped with the specified number of heavy and low current outlet sockets. The outlet sockets are fitted in the equipment brackets that are permanently attached to the bottom section. A cover plate, adapted by Fagerhult, ensures that the installation is mounted completely flat against the front of the panel. The panel can be equipped with different national standard outlet sockets.

Material, colour

The profiles are manufactured from extruded aluminium. Cover plates, braces and gas outlet bracket in alu-zinc sheet. Sink in acid-proof stainless steel. All visible surfaces are available in white enamelled (RAL 9010) as standard, but alternative colour finishes are available at an additional charge. The column has smooth external faces that facilitate cleaning.

Medical gases

The medical gas outlets are front mounted and can be connected directly or by attaching equipment to a rail (wall mounted or panel mounted) and connecting with a hose.


Drain pipe with 1, 2 or 3 drains. P model (wall) or S model (floor) stainless steel water trap. P model (wall) or S model (floor) PEH plastic water trap.


The column can be fitted with a Halux hinged luminaire for reading and examination light.


Aluflex Dialys sink.

Aluflex Dialys MINI.