Notor 65 Corner

Suspended or ceiling mounted with direct light only. Available with Opal and Delta louvres. Used in systems to create luminous lines.


Continuous installation via wire suspension or surface mounted. Installation via wire suspension requires wire brackets which provide flexible c/c, see accessories.


The luminaire is equipped with an access hole for cabling on the top. The luminaire unit is equipped with a through-wiring cable (5x1.5 mm²) and a snap-in connection in each end-cap. In a continuous installation, the luminaire row should always begin with a start luminaire. The illuminated corners can be used as a start luminaire and are equipped with through-wiring and quick connection in one end. If creating a closed system one of the corner needs to be used as a start.


Luminaire body enameled in white (RAL 9016) alternatively black (RAL 9005) or natural anodised extruded aluminium finish.


Opal – plate in frosted acrylic (PMMA). Delta – microprism louvre in acrylic (PMMA.

Emergency lighting

There is a unit with integrated emLED available for Notor 65, see Accessories.


CLO (Constant Light Output) and DALI/Phase-pulse control as standard. CLO means that the luminaire provides the same amount of light throughout its service life.


Assembly fittings and supplementary components, see Accessories.


CLO (Constant Light Output) maintains the correct light from the luminaire for the duration of its rated life.

The LEDs are protected against contact.

To calculate how many luminaires and accessories you will need to complete a run, please use our configurator.


Fagerhult’s classic interior luminaire Notor is available in several versions for suspended, surface mounted or recessed installation. Notor is an obvious choice in circumstances when there is a desire to create long, unbroken...

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