Lighting control in stairwells

Lighting control in stairwells offer huge potential for reducing energy consumption in a building. Often, the light is left on unnecessarily. Think about how often, and for how long, people use the stairwell.

In the past, it was important that switch-off times were not too short because of the kind of light sources used, but today’s LED solutions means times can be reduced substantially. In a residential building, traffic is mostly concentrated to mornings and evenings, while movements at other times are more sporadic. Other stairwells that are used less frequently include staircases in hospitals, offices or hotels, but these staircases are still required and must be fully lit. There is scope for saving money here without the staircase feeling unsafe.

Lighting control from a human perspective

In a stairwell, lighting control should be of smart design to ensure that users of staircases do not feel they are moving in darkness towards the next floor. By using e-Sense Flex in the stairwell, the visitor never moves towards darkness because the light ahead always switches on.

e-Sense Flex

e-Sense Flex is a wireless system developed for lighting control based on motion detection. The system is based on microwave technology and provides the right amount of light where it is needed and saves energy based on where people actually are.

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