e-Sense Flex 

Energy-smart and flexible lighting

Bluetooth Mesh-based control

e-Sense Flex is a wireless system developed for lighting control based on motion detection. The system is based on microwave technology and provides the right amount of light where it is needed and saves energy based on where people actually are. Up to 100 sensors communicate with each other in a mesh network completely free of control cables between the luminaires, which enables easier and faster installation. The sensor unit is concealed in the luminaire and does not affect the appearance or the IP-classification of the luminaire.

The system is scalable, which means that you can add extra luminaires or change an existing installation at any time. In the network, the configuration is saved on all sensors and functionality remains intact even if one unit fails.

Easy configuration and commissioning

The system is easily configured via the intuitive app – choose simple commissioning or optimise each individual parameter to tailor the system down to the smallest detail. 

Download the e-Sense Flex app from the App Store or Google Play.



e-Sense Flex

Opportunities for major energy savings

e-Sense Flex’s granular network with sensors in each luminaire provides a complete sensor detection in the facility. This creates opportunities for major energy savings since the luminaires only illuminate spaces where there is currently movement. It is also possible to control luminaires via DALI for further cost efficiency.

Sustainable and energy-efficient spaces with e-Sense Flex

Optimised lighting

e-Sense Flex offers a variety of options to meet customers’ changing lighting needs. The light can be controlled according to, among other things, time, presence/absence, ambient light, sunrise and sunset, or via pushbuttons.


How e-Sense Flex works

The lighting control system is an excellent choice for multi-storey stairwells, for example. The luminaires can be set to switch on only on the floors above and below where presence is detected, which saves energy and creates a sense of security for the person in the stairwell.

Secure system

The system is secure, and configurations require a password-protected account. When e-Sense Flex is to be installed, access and the permission level are assigned by the owner of the network. Access to networks is easily shared between e.g. property owners and installers using QR codes generated via the app.

e-Sense Flex

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