Lighting control in individual offices

Lighting control in individual offices can be solved in different ways. The focus is often on energy savings, but first and foremost lighting and lighting control must be designed for the people working in the office, focusing on visual needs and comfort, in short, a good lighting design.

Even without control, current lighting solutions often offer a high level of energy efficiency, which combined with lighting control can reduce the energy bill even further. The control system manages the purely technical aspects of energy saving, switching on and dimming in response to incident daylight, presence or absence.

Lighting control from a human perspective

Just as we want to be able to adjust our chair and the height of our desk, research has shown that people find the facility to control their own lighting very positive. Users should be able to control and adjust their lighting according to their own needs and mood.


e-Sense Active (previously ActiLume)

e-Sense Active is a simple control system where the sensor has three different functions: presence control, daylight control and IR receiver for programming. The luminaires are fitted with integrated control and are easy to install.

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e-Sense BrightSwitch

e-Sense BrightSwitch provides automatic on/off switching with the integrated sensor in the luminaire. Depending on the connection and the selected HF ballasts, the available functions are on/off, on/off with pull cord dimmer switch or absence dimming.

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