e-Sense Customised Stand-alone

How e-Sense Customised Stand-alone works

e-Sense Customised Stand-alone sensors are an easy way to achieve the greatest possible energy saving and control over installations where the sensor cannot be placed adjacent to the luminaire.

The sensor communicates with the luminaires via DALI and several functions can be programmed to meet the requirements for the installation.

e-Sense Customised Stand-alone is ideal for installation in offices or areas with high ceilings, up to 12 metres. Several sensors can be connected together to cover large areas and energy saving functions, such as daylight control and manual control, can be activated.

How e-Sense Customised Stand-alone works in industial applications

A high ceiling requires special lenses for PIR sensors. With the choice of an omni-detection or square lens, detection can be optimised for a larger area or a storage aisle. Easy programming via remote control enables you to quickly adjust the installation. 

How e-Sense Customised Stand-alone works in offices

The system offers functions commonly used in office environments such as daylight control, lux threshold and manual control. Several sensors can be connected together to cover large areas or corridors and there is a choice of PIR or Microwave detection techniques. The integrated power supply for DALI helps simplify installation.



Presence control

Lux threshold

Absence detection to switch off

Wireless commissioning

Remote control








The number of 'linked' luminaires, the low and high light level, the delay times between full, low and off and the desired detection sensor are all configured via a remote control. After configuring the first luminaire, you can save the settings and then apply them on a luminaire by luminaire basis which significantly reduces commission time in areas where a large number of luminaires should all act in the same fashion.


The system is equipped with a dual Microwave and PIR sensor which enables you to switch between presence detection techniques or utilise both simultaneously. The ability to alternate within the same sensor offers unparalleled flexibility should layout or use of the space change over time.

The sensor is available in three variations and can be placed on a suitable base, surface mounted or recessed. When using the microwave sensor, a stable base is important.

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