Sweep and Scoot

When form follows function.







Unique or unifying

It's the details that really pops out in a room - or tie everything together. The Sweep and Scoot family can work both ways. The colourful luminaires can serve as the essential element in the room, which will give the space a coherent and unified look. The luminaire family will with its shapes and function tie the room together, by being the pieces that connect the dots.

The Sweep and Scoot family members can also be used as single units, as a “piece de resistance”,  by treating them like artwork. Something that catches you eye, and makes your mind start to work. They are bold and odd choice, that stands out in relation to the rest of the interior design. Choose your way of working the family.

All new Scoot linear

Scoot linear is the latest addition to the Sweep & Scoot family, and our tall little brother has a shape of its own.


Sweep, designed as a cut-off sphere, provides a colourful lighting solution for contemporary spaces.


Seen from below, Scoot has the shape of the classical “super circle”. Truly a shape of its own.

Appealing shapes

Research has shown that round shapes and soft lines are something that appeals to the human brain. This is something the designer duo Lars Pettersson and Morgan Rudberg, from architectural studio PetterssonRudberg, brought to the table when designing the Sweep & Scoot family.

The luminaires curved shapes and tactile material creates an intriguing, yet harmonious design, and the smoothly rounded fixtures speaks to us in a natural way. The family members are perfect in combination, as well as individually, depending upon the needs in the space. 

A uniform impression with Push Dim

With our Push Dim solution, you can adjust the lighting over your workstation to suit you, your work tasks and your needs. All with the touch of a button. This innovation replaces the previous pull cord that had a similar function for lighting control. But instead of tangled cords, which are either usually tied up or left to hang in the field of view, this solution creates a neater aesthetic. In larger rooms, the perception of the office environment becomes more uniform.  

Push Dim

Choose well – make it last

With a firm focus on visual comfort and sustainability, the Sweep and Scoot-family are truly future-proof lighting solutions. The outer body is made of 80 % recycled plastics, now given new life.

To enable individualized lighting adjustment, there are various smart control systems to supplement the lighting solution. The entire family ensures efficient working lighting as well as good ambient lighting. A sustainable solution, without compromising on quality.


The beauty is in the brain of the beholder

Advances in neuroimaging allows us to have a more indepth understanding of how our brain processes impressions. We now know more of how the brain perceives form, symmetry and colour. We even know what the brain’s favourite shape is. 


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