The waste is the win

Make your carbon footprint tip-toe

  • Webinar
  • 08 Jun 2021
  • 08:00

Sustainability and environmental awareness are (thankfully) on everyone’s agenda these days. And for real change to happen, we all need to make new choices. We know that using virgin material or fossil substances is not a long-term solution.

We therefore need a new approach to the flow of resources and devices in the manufacturing industries. By replacing the materials with renewable resources* in the luminaire body of our best-selling product Multilume Slim, we reduce climate impact from the luminaire body by 83%. We hope that this choice can lead to a positive difference for the environment. 

We do not have time to wait for legislative bodies, but need to change course now. That is why we have begun our journey towards a more sustainable future. Our Sustainability Manager Niclas Thulin and Product Manager Lars Eriksson will tell you how. We want to learn how to improve and see how we can best reduce our carbon footprint. Want to come along?


*A renewable resource is a natural resource that is constantly replenished. It must have a sustainable way of recovering to be called renewable. Wood, paper and pulp are renewable materials. 

Your hosts

Niclas Thulin

As Sustainability Manager at Fagerhult, Niclas Thulin is responsible for Fagerhult's sustainability goal in creating products that make the future brighter.

Lars Eriksson

Product and Application Manager at Fagerhult

Linda Von Essen

Linda is moderating the session. 

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