All that glitter is brass

  • Year: 2020
  • Collaborators: Light Bureau
  • Location: Stockholm
  • Photo: Jansin & Hammarling

Strandvägen is a high end street in the city center of Stockholm, a green boulevard lined with trees and stone houses from the turn of the last century. It now needed a sustainable facelift regarding its fixtures, a task that we were more than happy to help out with.

Due to weather and wind, the existing luminaires were worn out and had started to fall apart. This, in connection with an energy efficiency project for the climate, the city of Stockholm saw an opportunity to replace all luminaires on Strandvägen. The update was made to save energy and at the same time modernize the installation to one that suited the grand Strandvägen.

The feeling that this installation needed to convey was high quality and exclusiveness, something to go along with the addresses on site. This was communicated with the custom made brass lacquer, that allows the installation to glimmer and spark even during the daytime, in addition to a high light quality during the darker hours.

Fagerhults Opalume family was a perfect fit for this task. The luminaire could be attached to existing post solution, and the lighting technique could be adapted and adjusted for this particular site with both pedestrians and motor traffic. All in all, an absolutely brilliant project.

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Frida Almqvist

VD & Försäljningschef Stockholm

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