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A nature experience with focus on design and visual comfort

There is a beautiful year-round recreation area with a 3.3-kilometre walk- and jogging track by the lake Sognsvann in Oslo. In order to make this destination even more attractive and enable everyone to enjoy the area, Oslo Municipality decided to upgrade the path in line with the latest lighting standards, as well as making it wheel-chair friendly.


The lighting designer, Petter Kristiansen from Veilyskompetanse, had a clear vision. He wanted the the right light, in the right place, in the right amount, at the right time. Both for making people feel safe and secure, but equally important to ensure that the light did not disturb the surrounding wildlife, such as fish and insects, that depend on Earth's daily cycle of light and dark rhythm. Therefore the luminaire posts needed to be placed on the correct side of the path, ensuring that no stray light hit the water. 

In addition to excellent lighting properties, aesthetics and design were other key criteria in the process of selecting the post top luminaire. The choice of Fagerhult's Vialume was the result of having a unique organic design, inspired by nature and developed for Nordic conditions and climate. Also and importantly, Vialume offers optimised optics with a wider light distribution adapted specifically for walk- and jogging tracks.


As a part of the forest

To achieve a high design quality, it was crucial that the lighting solution became an integral part of the forest. This was achieved by using special, 6 metre wooden posts, made by Tehoment, in slowly grown Scots pine. In order to create a successful overall solution Fagerhult worked in close co-operation with both the designer and the supplier of the posts, Stolper AS.


There are high demands on functionality and safety when illuminating a jogging track. The light needs to be at the right level to enable the jogger to see any obstacles along the way, while still minimising the risk of glare. With this in mind, Fagerhult has developed the E5 lens with an efficient light distribution covering the whole track. At the same time, the vertical surfaces, such as bushes and trees, get a well-balanced brightness that creates spatial awareness and an increased sense of security.

The lighting calculation for the installation has been based on lighting class S3 with a post distance of 30 metres. By using the E5 lens we managed to create good uniformity. The light is also pleasantly natural white with a colour temperature of 4000 K.

Visual comfort

When Fagerhult developed the luminaire Vialume 1, our goal was to ensure the light would give a positive experience – both from a distance as well as up close. Using Fagerhult’s specially developed AGC (Advanced Glare Control) lenses, we have succeeded in minimising glare. The lenses are extra-large and are tightly spaced in a single luminous cluster – a design which optimises visual comfort. Furthermore, the lenses are recessed into the luminaire and the light cluster illuminates the inner edge of the light aperture giving an elegant effect which makes the luminaire both visible from a distance as well as providing visual guidance.

A sustainable lighting solution

The need for a fully lit walking path is reduced during the late evening and night time hours. By using Vialume 1 with night-time dimming, major energy savings can be made without switching off the light. It means that the light level is adjusted down to 50 percent for six hours without compromising security or visual comfort, before then returning to full level.

The lighting designer, as well as Fagerhults sales representative are pleased with the result and Joachim Øwre Israelsbakk says:

"I have walked around the area myself and talked and listened to a number of pleased and satisfied users. And they point out that the result and design is beyond expectations."

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