Energy-efficient and multifunctional school

  • Year: 2022/23
  • Collaborators: Arlight, Whitecroft
  • Location: Hoensbroek
  • Architect: Frencken Scholl Architecten
  • Photo: Olga van Dijk

Sint-Janscollege is being renovated and expanded to become an energy-efficient and multifunctional school to meet the demands of our time. More than 500 Multilume Re:Think luminaires have been installed in the first newly built section.

The buildings, most of which have been used since the mid-60's, no longer meet today's requirements. Modern education demands flexible use of spaces, among other things, and the existing building is primarily designed for classroom teaching.

For the renovation and new construction, about three-quarters of the existing buildings will be demolished and replaced. The college is now an energy efficient and flexible school building with a diverse range of spaces, that meet our time's requirements. Students at Sint-Janscollege will study in a healthy, inspiring environment and a sustainable building suitable for contemporary and future-oriented education.

During the renovation, the challenge was the available budget due to the increased material prices. Sint-Janscollege and Fagerhult searched for an alternative luminaire and chose Multilume Re:Think based on its energy efficiency and circular qualities. 


"Our goal was to have a future-oriented education in an energy-efficient, flexible and multifunctional building"

Frans Erfkemper (Sint-Janscollege)


Richard van der Linden

Account Manager

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