Experiential office spaces

  • Year: 2020
  • Collaborators: LED Linear, LTS
  • Location: Kaarina, Finland
  • Architect: Heimo Paukkunen
  • Photo: Valentina Morales Buschmann, KOY Piispantorni

Piispantorni, a former Hartwall's industrial brewery building on the border of Turku and Kaarina, currently holds 2700 m² of experiential office space for companies of 1-80 people.

The renovation of the building has been a collaboration between art and architecture, without forgetting functionality. Five new floors of offices are planned, which will be connected through materials, patination of concrete surfaces, colors and lighting into a comprehensive, maritime art building complex.

The facade of the building displays an ocean-themed Big Blue artwork with a life-size blue whale on a glass facade illuminated with underwater moving illusion. The artwork is designed by visual artist Mauri Kosonen and architect Heimo Paukkunen.

Notor 36 was selected to be used in the indoor lighting because of its versatility, light comfort and minimalistic form. The office spaces are illuminated with Notor 65. Interior lighting is carried out by Bravida. The lighting was designed by Antti Viertamo from Turku Energia Verkostotekniikka.