Combining action and interaction

  • Year: 2018
  • Location: Jönköping
  • Design: EFKAB and Fagerhult
  • Photo: Joel Dittmer

The trend of combining exercise and work thrives. At the new-build Padel Arena in Jönköping, Sweden, you can combine the best of two worlds - action and interaction. 

Padel Arena is one of Sweden’s most up-to-date padel plants. With a central location in the city of Jönköping, Sweden, it attracts a lot of motivated practioners. The site does not only facilitate five state-of-the-art courses with eight meters ceiling height, it has modern conference rooms and a shop. Of course, it also has modern and fresh dressing rooms as well as a welcoming reception.

Fagerhults was chosen to do both exterior and interior lighting. We needed to create adapted light for all different types of areas in the premises. The courses were lit up with professional arena lighting, with Excis LED. The light comfort is essential, as in all sport, both for the spectators in the arena and the players. Excis LED offers an ideal solution in sports halls in terms of lighting comfort, energy efficiency, durability and freedom from maintenance.

For interior design purpose, we used our more decorative luminaires to high-light different areas. Pozzo, Dino, Freedom and Sweep all makes a mark in the interior design, without compromising with the light quality. Fagerhult was also trusted with lighting of the exterior facade. Here we had the ambition of a cohesive and modern impression, and our choice fell on the classic and reliable Rondo -both for wall mounted and on pole.


Anders Wilderoth

Säljare Indoor

  • +46 36 10 86 20

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