Unique collaboration increases energy efficiency in Oslo office building

  • Year: 2024
  • Collaborators: Bravida AS, Norwegian Property
  • Location: Oslo
  • Photo: Hilde Hugsand

In Fornebu, just outside of Oslo, Norwegian Property owns an office building with a total of 140.000 sqm and 40.000 sqm underground parking spaces. The project was built as Telenor’s headquarters in 2002, and in parts of the building, Telenor will remain as a tenant.

Norwegian Property and Bravida first initiated replacing old lighting fixtures with LED fixtures. A large number of Notor luminaires which were installed around 2002 were gathered. Together with Hydro Extrusion Sweden, Fagerhult also initiated a pilot project to explore circular processes for the reuse of extruded aluminium – focusing on efficiency and preserved material properties.

50% energy saving

The project aimed to replace all outdated luminaires with LED fixtures, enhance efficiency and retain the luminaire’s aesthetics. In this process, the overall challenge was to replace Notor 60 fixtures with fluorescent tubes with Notor 65 LED. 

“Since we were replacing existing installations, we were given limited space to work with. We had to make new lengths of both start and system modules. The client also wanted a lifetime of 100.000H/L100 for each luminaire, which we could solve with Fagerhult’s help”,

Olav Tarjei Lid, project leader at Bravida AS.

Moreover, the project presented unique challenges with several fixtures needing to be mounted in environments with somewhat harsh treatment. In response, a specialized screen was innovatively developed specifically for the project, showcasing our commitment to finding solutions for even the most demanding environments.


Kjell Nyegaard-Larsen

Salgsingeniør Oslo/Østlandet

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