Changing Mobility Forever

  • Year: 2021
  • Location: Gothenburg

Lynk & Co has now launched in Europe with two clubs, one in Amsterdam and one in Gothenburg. The whole business idea is not to sell, as much as share and inspire. 

Innovative Lynk & Co launches a new way of providing mobility and car access that mimic the way we consume many other products. We stream music and movies at a fixed monthly cost, and that philosophy is now transferred to car ownership. You will also be able to share the car with others. It is a more modern way of sharing assets, and above all more sustainable. 

The target group is a modern and open minded person and the club a place to meet like-minded persons. At the club you can get an espresso and find brands and products with a focus in innovation and sustainability. Brands that share the same values as Lynk & Co. The premises will be used for multiple functions. This is not a traditional car showroom - it might just as well be a bar or the location for a concert.

Our lighting concept therefore needed to be flexible, adjustable and sustainable. The possibility to change scenery and mood in the room was crucial. With the easy-to-use smart solutions Casambi and e-sense Stage, the lighting can easily be varied and create an atmosphere suitable for each event. For this project, we used luminaires with different effects (see below) and high energy effiecency. 


David Schönström

Sales Manager Retail

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