A dynamic teaching environment

  • Year: 2022
  • Collaborators: LED Linear, Organic Response, ateljé Lyktan
  • Location: Strand, Stavanger
  • Photo: Hugo Lütcherath

Newly built Fjelltun School outside Stavanger, Norway, has the first lighting system ever commissioned with Tunable White luminaires and Organic Response sensors controlled through the Organic Response portal.

Fjelltun School in Strand Municipality is a primary school with approx. 730 pupils in the 1-7 grades. The school is divided into seven sections and a special emphasis were given to daylight for each section, where all classrooms have access to common areas. New possible pedagogical opportunities arise from this vertical organisation. 

In all classrooms Dwide have been installed, together with Tunable White and Organic Response sensors, including an external Organic Response sensor for triggering the ventilation system. The ventilation system automatically adjusts after presence detection from the sensors linked to the lighting solution, giving a smart, optimised and sustainable indoor climate. Offices and meeting rooms are equipped with the Worker pendant from ateljé Lyktan and are also controlled by Organic Response.

Corridors and entrance areas are planned with Pleiad G4 and Xooline from Led Linear in the slatted ceiling panels, creating decorative patterns in ceiling, all controlled by external sensors. All rooms with water supply have magnetic water locks, even these controlled by Organic Response sensors. These are just some of many great examples of how the Organic Response system can be utilised to future proof buildings!


Henrik Berg

Project Sales / Controls & Connectivity

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