Double Dynamic Lighting

Enhance your world with light

A dynamic light, with different colour temperatures and a combination of diffuse and directional light, produces varying effects when different surfaces and textures are encountered. Here you can learn more about different aspects to include in your lighting.

Enhance your world with light



Shadows are the absence of light. Thanks to shadows, contrasts are formed and our three-dimensional world is more easily perceived by the eye and becomes more realistic. In nature, there is more frequent shadow formation and more shifts than indoors. These make it easier for you to orient yourself, and perceive depth and level differences in your surroundings.



Combining two or more light sources with different colour temperatures and high colour reproduction has the effect of clarifying and deepening colours in the illuminated zone. This makes it easier to distinguish between shades, tints and grey scales, and provides an enhanced experience of the objects in the illuminated area.



With the well-composed DDL concept, where diffuse and directional light, and warm and cold colour temperatures are combined, textures and surfaces in rooms have much improved conditions for coming into their own. The holistic lighting brings out the details, gloss and structures in a more varied and full-fledged way – giving a silver lining to life. 

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