Pendant luminaires

In a classroom, it is important to have a good balance between direct light to the work surface and wall light to walls and ceilings. Our suspended luminaires distribute light efficiently without glare. A good solution for elementary schools is to use luminaires with 30-50 percent upward light, or a luminaire with adapted glare protection, to create a uniform illumination on the work surface.

We prefer a flexible lighting solution with control, as teaching activities require different levels of concentration and different types of presentations for groups. Different zones in classrooms, such as at boards and screens, may require special adaptation of the lighting. We recommend multiple rows of luminaires in classrooms, so that light levels are sufficiently high.

By providing lighting with control, you can adapt energy consumption and the classroom becomes more energy efficient and sustainable. The standard SS-EN 15193-1:2017 provides common guidelines for calculating energy consumption in a uniform manner. 

1. Suspended solution with presentation light, 60% at workplaces and 100% on boards.

2. Suspended solution with working light, 100% at workplaces.

Lighting control for suspended lighting classrooms 

We recommend Organic Respons for suspended lighting in classrooms. This is an intelligent lighting control system that distributes information between sensors without physical interconnection. Each luminaire is equipped with a sensor that connects occupancy detection. This, combined with wireless/battery-free pushbuttons, creates a true plug-n-play system for the smart classrooms of the future. 

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Product proposal

Light control proposal

Organic Response is a plug and play wireless system developed for workplaces and learning environments.