Fagerhult Lighting LTD terms, conditions and policies

Here you can find additional information on our policies for delivery, storage and recycling, in addition to our general terms and conditions.

Cancellations and Ammendments

Once the order is placed any charges resulting in cancellation or amendment for any reason will be passed onto the Buyer.

Terms and conditions

Within our standard terms and conditions, we clearly outline the provisions, special arrangements, rules and specifications of our business activities.

Download a copy here  

Storage policy

Wherever possible, Fagerhult will strive to provide flexible delivery schedules according to your project needs. Should you experience delays on site, or order in advance of the installation date, we can hold your products in our UK storage facilities free of charge for one month beyond the initial delivery date.

Past this period, we will charge £25 per pallet, per week for a maximum of 6 months. Holdings exceeding 2 months require a signed vesting certificate.

All delivery requests from our storage facilities will have to be received in writing by 2pm to be processed and issued with a confirmed delivery date.

Delivery policy

For all standard deliveries, the costs are clearly identified at the bottom of your quotation. These are calculated based upon the estimated size and weight of your order.

For any non-standard deliveries, such as timed or same day deliveries, a price will be supplied on a project by project basis as the geographical location, size, weight and specific requirements are bespoke.

In the instance of failed deliveries, such as incorrect address or the delivery being refused, the customer will be charged for any subsequent delivery.

Full details of our delivery policy are included within our standard terms and conditions, which can be downloaded in the section above.

WEEE Policy

As part of our compliance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations, we have partnered with Electrolink. In accordance with regulation 9 (2) the customer with be responsible for financing the collection, treatment, recovery and environmentally sound disposal of all WEEE arising or deriving from the Product.

Download our full policy here.