The reflectors and louvres in the Fagerhult range are designed for maximum efficiency and controlled light distribution. This makes it possible to plan lighting for energy efficient solutions.

Beta Opti

An active louvre in which the LED module and louvre is integrated into one unit. The light from the LED module is diffused through a technical film and the louvre consists of double parabolic side and cross reflectors of satin matt, metallised aluminium with excellent reflection characteristics. The reflectors distributes the light with precision in a classical so-called batwing shaped light distribution. Beta Opti creates a glare-free and contrasting light that meets the requirements of EN 12464-1.


A micro prism diffuser in acrylic (PMMA) with good optical properties that screens of light in the critical angles, and enhances the aesthetic experience. Delta gives a direction-free light, making this a suitable choice associated with VDU work or flexible office environments. Most luminaires with Delta louvre complies with EN 12464-1.


Opal diffuses and distribute the light out of the luminaire and consists of frosted acrylic (PMMA). Opal diffusors can have various designs but most common is a plate.

Opal Dropped is dropped down 10 mm from the ceiling and provides ambient luminance to ceiling and walls.

Beta (T5- luminaires)

Beta with Fagerhults r5-technology is designed for the T5 light source consists of a double parabolic side and cross reflectors of satin matt metallised aluminium with excellent reflection characteristics. This maximises the optical efficiency and controls the luminance in all directions around the luminaire.

Terazza (T5- luminaires)

Terazza bländskydd

Satin matt, metallised aluminium reflectors with excellent reflection characteristics andd aluminium enamelled cross-blades integrated into a single unit.


Lamell louvre of sheet steel for mechanical shielding.